Swimsuits for aqua fitness, swimming, and spa

At Maillots Maillots, you will find swimsuits that suit all your needs. So, it is very important to tell our staff how you wish to use your swimsuit.

The swimsuits are made with different materials. Therefore, it is important to choose the swimsuit that suits your needs, so you can keep it longer.

If you wear your swimsuit in a spa or a public pool, the water will generally be warmer and over-chlorinated. So, our consultants will recommend a swimsuit made of 100% Durafast (polyester) or Xtra life Lycra, two materials that are more resistant than a regular Lycra.

Come see our wide selection of one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, rashguards and capris of Tyr-brand, available in sizes from *4 to 20 and large sizes from *22 to 26 (*depending on the designs). They are also available as specialty swimsuits, such as long chest, D cup, and mastectomy.

Moreover, we have a seamstress on site to make the latest adjustments.

See how to properly maintain your swimsuits here

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