Lesson 101 on swimsuit care and durability

It is impossible to guarantee the lifespan of a swimsuit since several components can affect its durability. Water temperature, the products used to clean pools and spas, the sun, perspiration and sun products can accelerate the process of destroying the fiber. Please also make sure that your sunscreen does not contain any fake tanning because it could permanently stain your swimsuit.

At first, it is important to pick a swimsuit designed for your own needs, since there are different materials depending on the future usage. There are materials more resistant to chlorine for people who swim, practice aquafitness and go to the spa, such as Durafast (100% Polyester) and Xtra Life Lycra (74% nylon/26 % Xtra Life Lycra). They are designed to last 5 to 10 times longer than the regular Spandex.

You must rinse thoroughly your swimsuit after swimming. Then, soak for 2-3 hours your swimsuit in lukewarm-cold water with a soap specially designed to remove the excess of chlorine, salt, perspiration, and sunscreen.

Never use the washing machine and the dryer for your swimsuits. Please dry your swimsuit on a flat surface and away from the sun, as it could accelerate its discoloration.

You can get the Splash product (laundry for swimsuit) at our store. It is available in 2 formats: the 60 ml format, perfect for travelers, or the 250 ml format.

What is the Splash product? It's a touch of chemistry that neutralizes and eliminates chlorine, salt, lotions and sunscreens from swimsuits without harming the colors. Since chlorine and sunscreen quickly break down the elasticity, the swimsuit must be washed with Splash immediately after each swimming.

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